The Best Theme Parks For Family Vacation In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur – KL to its friends – is more than just a capital city: it is a monument to Malaysian ingenuity and determination.

From humble beginnings as a tin-mining shanty town, KL has evolved into a 21st-century metropolis, dominated by the tallest skyscrapers in Southeast Asia and flush with the proceeds of international trade and commerce.

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Malaysia true to its tourism tagline ‘truly Asia’ offers a wide variety of experiences from all parts of the culturally diverse continent of Asia.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is glamorous and modern with its Twin Towers, shopping malls and theme parks, this once small tin-mining village has transformed into an ultra-modern tourist hub.

Malaysia’s capital city truly packs in a punch when it comes to world class theme park experiences. Offering thrilling rides and mind-blowing attractions for the whole family KL’s sprawling theme parks guarantee a wholesome holiday experience.

Frequented by the young and the young at heart these engaging locales all across the city offer family vacationers a welcome break from the tropical climates and tourist infested mallscape of the capital.

Offering guests jaw-snapping rides and fun filled activities for the whole family, a holiday in Kuala Lumpur would hardly be complete without a day spent at the city’s most popular theme parks.

Cosmo’s World Theme Park now known as Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is the biggest indoor theme park in the whole of Asia. Located in Berjaya Times Square KL, it occupies the 5th to 8th floor of this building. The theme park has primarily two sections targeted at different sectors of tourists and locals.

Spread out over an impressive area of 380,000 square feet this world class theme park at Berjaya Time Square shopping centre is ideal for visitors in search of roller coaster rides and other mind-blowing theme park attractions geared for adrenalin junkies.

Galaxy Station offers thrilling rides to adults and teenagers while Fantasy Garden is more about quality family time. Together they offer a total of 14 rides. The theme park also has shopping area, food court, theatre and other entertainment activities.

From exciting ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ to the incredibly fast ‘Supersonic Odyssey’, spooky Haunted Chambers to out of the world Space Attacks, the rides at Galaxy Station are bound to give you an adrenaline rush.

If you’re not into having too many heart thumping, all out screaming moments, opt for leisurely and slightly less exhilarating but still amazing choice of rides at Fantasy Gardens.

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Other popular theme parks in KL include Genting Theme Park, lies at a vaulted altitude of 2000m on the breathtaking Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands is one of the most developed as well as accessible mountain retreats in Kuala Lumpur.

Attractions, among many others of the place, are Ringgit theme park, a sprawling facility with more than 40 rides such as roller coaster and splash pool; World Plaza – an elegant shopping complex with more than 70 outlets.

Genting also provides options to enjoy a variety of activities, like, jungle trekking, horse riding, abseiling, and golf, with such facilities as the Awana Golf and Counrty Club.

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Sunway Lagoon at Petaling Jaya is the first international standard water theme park in Malaysia. The theme park is segregated in two parts, the Water Park and the Adventure Park.

You could thrill your sense at the Water Park trying out relaxing tube rides, speeding slides or surfing on the giant waves. Toboggan and Double Twister are two most popular rides here. Toboggan is a thrilling 45 degree water sleigh ride at break-neck speed while Double Twister is a spiraling water tunnel.

Adventure Park could also pump adrenalin with rides like Sky Flyer, Flying Carpet and Runaway Train. At the Wildlife Park, you can get intimate with the wildlife creatures.

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Indeed, the Malaysian capital is filled with a lot of things to make travels pleasurable. So if you’re planning a fun vacation with your special someone, visit these Kuala Lumpur attractions and do these activities for an unforgettable trip.


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