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Its beaches washed by the blue-green waters of the South China Sea, turtle-shaped Pulau Tioman is the largest and most impressive of the east coast islands. Its sheer size makes it more developed than the other east coast islands and it boasts a wider range of activities.

Tioman Island or “Pulau Tioman” (Malay language) is a small island located 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang, and is some 39 km long and 12 km wide.

According to legend, Tioman Island is the resting place of a beautiful dragon princess. Whilst flying from China to visit her prince in Singapore, this beautiful maiden stopped to seek solace in the crystal-clear waters of the South China Sea.

Enraptured by the charms of the place, she decided to discontinue her journey. By taking the form of an island, she pledged to offer shelter and comfort to passing travelers.

It has eight main villages, the largest and most populous being Tekek Village or “Kampung Tekek” (Malay language) in the north. Tekek, located midway on the island’s western coastline and considered the administrative heart of Tioman, has the longest stretch of beach on the island.

In Tekek you can also swim during low tide in contrast to many other beaches in Tioman, or wade out to the reef, where you will be surrounded by colourful fish, coral and clams.

Apart from its diverse marine life, the inland rainforest area, encompassing approximately 12,383 hectares, in Tioman is a strictly enforced nature reserve. There are several protected species of mammals on the island, including the BinturongLong-tailed MacaqueSlow LorisBlack Giant Squirrel, from a total of 45 species of mammals and 138 species of birds, including the majestic Frigatebird.

Tioman is one of the most fabulous places known for its beautiful islands covered by the tropical sun with very pleasing flora and fauna. The densely forested island is sparsely inhabited, and is surrounded by numerous coral reefs, making it a popular scuba diving spot.

The Island has a wealth of scuba diving opportunities with over 20 dive sites found along the west side of the island.  Salang beach has the highest concentration of dive sites with a few wrecks to dive too.

Moreover, Tioman has species that are endemic to its shores. The soft-shelled turtle and the Tioman walking catfish are both unique and can be seen on rainforest walks.

Thanks to the mountainous topography and the protected status of Tioman, most of the rainforest here has remained untouched with the only development being the villages and resorts along the coastline.

This makes Tioman an excellent destination for those that are looking for a jaunt in the jungle.

The best known, and probably the toughest jungle trek stretches across the middle of the island, through the hilly terrain and rainforest between the villages of Tekek and Juara.

On this 7km, four-hour trek you are likely to encounter monkeys, monitor lizards, scores of birds and insects as well as passing by waterfalls and tall trees that are hundreds of years old.

Though gruelling and sweaty, the reward is the perfect golden sand of Juara beach on the other side of the island.

Other popular treks are footpaths, paved in places, that connect the villages of Genting and Paya as well as Air Batang and Salang (with a stop at Monkey Bay in between).

While not so isolated as the Tekek-Juara trail, sightings of Tioman’s massive monitor lizards and monkeys are all but guaranteed. The paths are mostly level, although there are some strenuous uphill climbs. Follow the power cable, as the pathways can be overgrown or eroded in places.

Remember to bring lots of water and insect repellent and that the jungle gets darker sooner, so plan to reach your destination well before dusk.

There are also many underwater caves to explore in Tioman. Pulau Sepoi, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Renggis are the places one should never forget to check out along with the underwater caves at Chebeh Island (Pulau Chebeh).

Tioman Island would be a perfect tourist spot for people who love to watch marine life. And if you are a person who loves adventure, this is the right place to visit. It is also a suitable place for families, couples and business people.

Hotels Choices In Tioman Island

There are a lot of resorts and chalets around the island which has duty free status. Hotels provide quality accommodation and treat their guests to a spread of special cuisines. The bookings can be done through online registration.

All the information of various hotels is provided on the website of the online hotel reservation agency. A comparison can be made and the best can be chosen at a single click.

Berjaya Tioman Beach Golf & Spa Resort is the most popular accommodation which is located on the beach in Tioman Island, close to Tioman Marine Park. Other points of interest are Kampung Juara Beach and Asah Waterfall.

This Tioman Island property has event space consisting of banquet facilities, conference/meeting rooms, and small meeting rooms. The property has a complimentary airport shuttle (available on request). Additional property amenities include a coffee shop/cafe, barbecue grills, and gift shops/newsstands.

if you are looking for cheaper accommodations, you may want to check these resorts and chalets – Berjaya Tioman Suites Mersing, Sri Paya Tioman Chalet, Tioman Paya Resort, Damai Tioman Resort, Selesa Tioman Condo Hotel and Tioman Dive Resort.

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